A Link to Tristan Perich’s forthcoming ‘One Bit Music‘ project made the rounds of the nerdy music blogs last week. If you mouse over the image below, you can see my assumptions as to the basic breakdown of the circuit — it’s nearly identical to a circuit I used in a music box two years ago, though the IC doesn’t appear to be one of the ISD series of Record / Playback chips I’m familiar with.

     It seems this concept could easily be expanded into an even more self-contained object by enclosing some ultra-thin speakers in all that open space.

     Perich plans to release the objects with his music encoded onto the IC’s, you can sign up for his mailing list at the link above for more information.


     Yep, those are volume potentiometers. More here.

     MP3’s of the music accompany this Wired article about the project.