Speaking as a person who has done some programming, the following bits of information are troubling:

  • Instances of computer errors in Bush’s favor (In Ohio) have been confirmed (Link, Similar story in NC).
  • “One thing that is very strange is how much the exit polls differed from the final results, especially in Ohio. Remember that Ohio uses Diebold voting machines in many areas. These machines have no paper trail. Early in the campaign, Diebold CEO Walden O’Dell, a GOP fundraiser, promised to deliver Ohio to Bush. He later regretted having said that.” – electoral-vote.com (link to O’Dell Quote)

     I’m trying really hard to just accept the situation and not get sucked into the crazy conspiracy theories that are already circulating, and I certainly don’t doubt the willful stupidity of my countrymen. But still…

MC5 – ‘The American Ruse’
From: Back in the USA (1970)

[audio:MC5 – The American Ruse.mp3]