A Reunion of Sorts

     Edward Miller pointed out this messageboard thread which details yesterday’s apparent reunion of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo with original Weezer bassist Matt Sharp. I checked the Official Weezer site and it is indeed true, there are photos and everything.


Zumpano Namesake Speaks!

     I got an email from Zumpano drummer Jason Zumpano regarding the 1997 live set I posted a few days back:

“Hello, Adam.

     It seems that you are rather fond of a band I used to be part of. Very interesting. I think that I remember the show. Not many people there. Heat wave. A SubPop package tour? Anyway, I took a quick listen at the live stuff. How do I say? Not so tight? I think our shows improved soon after that. It’s great that you have that Japanese cd since mine was stolen a long time ago. I would love to have seen the reaction on the dirtbag that grabbed it (along with various other cds and things). What the? How is? Why the?

keep the dream alive,


Mysterious Video Revealed

     In case you missed it in the comments below, a mysterious stranger (‘jb’) came forward with the name of the artist behind the bizarre video I posted about.

     “I would bet it was Les Rita Mitsouko, a kind of eurythmics-like duo that had some marginal success along the way. I think in the following link they’re probably discussing the video you saw. Of course, maybe not. Good luck. [link] Even better: [link], and just to be sure you don’t miss it on that page, this looks like a shot from the set or a still you might recognize. Just by way of disclaimer, I have no bizarre fetish relating to this band, it just seemed like a question that needed answering.”

     Yep, that’s them. The song was called ‘Ce Comme Ca ,’ released in November 1986.

Slightly More ‘Credible’ NES music

     Josh points me towards yet another NES cover band:

     “Forget the minibosses. There’s a band called The Advantage that is like 1000 times better. They are on 5rc records with bands like xiu xiu, hella, deerhoof…etc. you can download an entire sampler album of sorts on their website.
check it out.

     That is one ugly website. IN the interest of preventing headaches, I’ll link directly to the MP3 page. They seem pretty good.

Airline Guitars

     Tim O. Thompson writes:

“I think I read in Blender magazine that some fan bought one of those really expensive Airline guitars off eBay and gave it to Jack White because Jack’s main guitar was in bad shape. If I can find it, I’ll send it on…”