iCommentary is a hastily-named Application (Written in Applescript Studio) that uses Mplayer and LAME to rip DVD audio tracks to MP3, and (optionally) place them in your iTunes library.

Requires OS X 10.3 or greater.
Works with Tiger.

iCommentary is donationware. If you find it useful, you're encouraged to use the link below to donate to further nerdery.

This is the first release, so very little testing has occurred. Bugs, suggested features, and better names are all welcome.

-- Adam

Download iCommentary 0.2.dmg (2.65 MB)





Where does the MP3 end up if I don't add it to iTunes?

The mp3 should end up in the root directory of your startup drive if you don't check 'add to iTunes.' This will probably be customizable if I ever update the program.

Why doesn't iCommentary work with 'X' DVD?

The only DVD's I've found that don't work with iCommentary are those encoded with Sony's (Now retired) ARCCOS protection. There's a list of affected DVD's here. If your DVD 'X' isn't on that list, send me an email and I might investigate.

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