Short Photo-centric update:

     Even though I guess I didn’t talk about it much on this site, I was totally obsessed with VH1’s ‘Bands on the Run.’ I taped every episode and even had an ‘End of Bands on the Run’ gathering of sorts. Bearing this in mind, it should come as no surprise that I went and saw Flickerstick live, and actually took some pretty good photos. Some examples:

     It was a fun show if only because I knew all the songs from T.V. That’s really kind of sad, now that I think about it. Also: Someone should condemn St. Andrew’s Hall in the summertime, because it is just ridiculous. Or alternately, they should install some sort of ventilation.

     Willy Wonka, ever the purveyor of odd candy ideas, seems to have recently decided that their ‘Nerds’ simply weren’t good enough on their own. This decision has resulted in the introduction of two products of questionable merit. The first: Nerds Gum balls. When I first saw these, the packaging was crinkled up in such a way that the ‘Gum’ part was hidden, so for a few seconds I thought Wonka had outdone even themselves in marketing a product called ‘Nerds Balls.’ Unfortunately, this was not the case.

     Turns out the whole gimmick is that the gumballs have Nerds inside, but not very many. This one had a grand total of six Nerds in the center, so I don’t know if that really justifies calling them ‘Nerds gum balls.’ The shell is all crunchy – just like the Nerds themselves, so the casual Nerds Gumball buyer probably wouldn’t even notice the presence of the nerds, which really sort of defeats the purpose of the product.

     Next up: Nerds Rope. I found this one at a gas station in Illinois back when The Recital did our weekend outing with RSB. This is a long, gummi-type string coated with Nerds.

     I really don’t know what to say about this, other than I ate the whole thing in one sitting and thought my teeth were going to fall out. Also I remember reading here that when Atom (of ‘and his package’ fame) first encountered this montrosity, he mistook the loopy ‘O’ for an ‘A,’ believing the product to be called ‘Nerds Rape,’ which is funny but also not.

     The funny part about these two products is that they’re easier to find than regular Nerds lately, which is totally lame. Totally. Other retarded Wonka products: Thrills and Xploder.

     I updated that arcade page, because I just know you were all chomping at the bit to discover what new alterations I might have made. Well quit chomping at the bit, please, because your wait is over.

     I will hopefully return soon with ridiculously photo-laden accounts of both a weekend trip with the Recital and my trek to Coney Island.