Month: March 2005


     I recently received the following message regarding the “Robin Williams’ joke thievery” bit I put together last year.

     “I am sixteen years old and have grown up watching Robin Williams. I look up to him. These “comments” on your site offend me. Unless these people have documented proof or any type of proof that Robin Williams is a “joke thief” I think you should try quoting people who do (if you can). I do not mean to offend you but, it is my opinion that you should also post comments of those who stand by Robin Williams. These other “hater” comments are nothing more than stories and unless you have proof Lies. I think these people should concentrate on themselves, and what they have done wrong – not a wonderful comedian who has brought joy and happiness to so many.”

Video Mosaic

     Geoff sent me a link to this Music Video / Mosaic, directed by a guy named Thomas Hughes. The site describes it as: “A video mosaic constructed from the puzzling elements of a girl named Mandy.” It’s worth watching twice, so you can see how everything comes together once you’ve seen the end result. The song’s not bad, either (It’s by The Spinto Band). Here’s a direct link to the 12.5 MB Quicktime file, or you can click the image below.


Lost in Translation?

     Several years ago, my girlfriend Sarah bought me a notepad, which I promptly put into a pocket of my bag and forgot about. I unearthed it a few days ago, and noticed some of the ridiculous details for the first time.

     There are two different designs on the sheets: one features a dog drinking in his doghouse with a bird perched atop the roof, and the other depicts the bird sniffing / pecking his arse. I’d love to know what the text says, or what is supposed to be going on here. Any insight is welcome.