Yesterday was my day off. On my days off, I am extremely abusive of the ‘snooze’ button on my alarm clock. Sometimes to the point where the alarm clock just gives up and ceases to sound the alarm at 9 minute intervals (Incidentally, I am really good at quickly figuring things out when multiples of 9 are involved. All the credit goes to my alarm clock). At any rate, yesterday, every time the alarm would go off, the phone would ring. But there wasn’t anyone on the line. This happened like four times. So either whoever was calling me had insanely perfect timing, or my alarm clock and cordless telephone are conspiring to double team my lazy ass.

     Amusing recent Weezer tour poster.

     New release watch: Either this or this is supposedly the cover to Radiohead’s forthcoming Amnesiac. Or maybe one of these ? You can read a review of the new material here. You could bid on an overpriced four-track sampler on eBay, or just download three tracks for free, here, here, and here. Additionally, this is the cover art to the forthcoming third Tool full length. Bits and pieces of info on the Tool album can be found here.

Also, from the mailbag:

     “You probably already know this but I saw a copy of the latest issue of Magnet and they had an article titled “Being Steve Malkmus”. I thought “That sounds familiar” and then I remembered I saw that phrase on your site a while back. Just thought you might like to know.

     Here’s the original article, which I wrote in December 1999 while I should have been studying for a final.

     Finally, you may have noticed a little yellow iconic representation of a 3.5″ floppy disk in the title frame above. This is an experiment. All the downloadable files that I link to and later go looking for when I have a fast connection will be listed there. The factor that will determine whether this experiment is a success or a failure will be how motivated I am to continue doing it. Yes.