I saw the Dismemberment Plan last night at the Magic Stick. They put on a slightly-less-great-then last-december’s-set-but-still-awesome show. The new songs sound great and they say the new album, tentatively titled ‘Change,’ will be out in October. They didn’t play Girl O’ Clock, though.

     I also saw A Perfect Circle this past week. It must be nice to be in a band that is so ridiculously tight. Mr. Maynard spent most of the evening making fun of Ted Nugent, which is understandable. The opening act was a band called Snake River Conspiracy, who I ignored pretty effectively until they had the balls to cover ‘How Soon is Now?’ by the Smiths in Rap-Metal fashion. It was interesting, to say the least. The best part of the whole thing was that it was held in a building at Eastern Michigan University, and there was no smoking allowed, so you can imagine how lost some of the goth set looked between sets without their ‘props.’ Trying to figure out what to do since they weren’t allowed to angstfully smoke, etc.

     So I was looking around for a site that would have clips from MTV’s jackass, because I wanted to see a certain clip. The clip I was looking for was the one where one of the jackasses intercepts the delivery of a drive-through fast food order on foot, and proceeds to dance around in front of the intended recipient before spiking their meal onto the ground. Instead, I found this site, which appears to be a bunch of people who do things that are very similar to the things the jackass folks do. I was curious so I downloaded a few clips. They’re actually kind of good in that ‘I’m glad I’m not that stupid’ sort of way. Download this one, and you’ll get the idea.

     Why you don’t see atari 2600’s with the frequency you would think you should (Last paragraph).

From the Tool news page:

“We knew Tool was playing in four US cities before the European tour, in mid May, but only now is the list of cities available to the public. You lucked out if you are in Atlanta, Detroit, New York, or Chicago. Exact info coming soon.”

     Here’s a good place to keep up on all this Episode 2 nonsense.

     If you have access to free printing of any kind, you should probably print out several thousand copies of these flyers.

Finally, a few stolen links: