I am an idiot and I lost this day’s post. It figures, because it was wickedly long. I tried rewriting it but it all came out crappy. Here are the pictures that were used with short descriptions of their intent:

     Bjork released her latest album, ‘Vespertine’ on twelve CD’s, each containing one song. This is one of them. I was attempting to get people to help me find the others. I’ve found three of the twelve. If you can help me find more I will love you. The original description of this picture was written from Bjork’s point of view and mentioned something about me being insane.

     This is a new drink that’s out there. It is shaped like a grenade and has a pin on the cap. The original description said that it was BOMBALICIOUS!

This is the box a radioshack speaker came in.

The original description was something to the effect of:

Radio Shack Executive 1: D’ya think we should we change the box art?

Radio Shack Executive 2: ….Naaaaaahhh.

     I went and saw Eric’s Trip play in Toronto and then wrote a big gushy piece about how much I loved them in my youth and how great it was to finally see this band that I’d obsessed over perform. Then I deleted it. On accident, of course. Photos I took:

     The day after I drove to Toronto, saw Eric’s Trip and drove home, all in one day, I drove to Kalamazoo to see Ted Leo. I played Mrs. Pac Man next to Ted Leo as he played Donkey Kong, and we spoke openly about our respective gaming frustrations. He was not very good at Donkey Kong.

     I saw a guy unicycling down my street in business casual wear while I was cutting the lawn. This made me smile, because I imagined that he unicycled to and from work.

     Moral of this post: Don’t switch servers because you will inevitably delete something that you didn’t make a backup copy of.