I was walking behind this couple coming back from the grocery store on my lunch break, and I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation:

Female: …so you NEVER spend your change?

Male: Nope. I save it all up and at the end of the year I buy myself something.

Female: Wow.

Male: Last year I bought a GUN (His emphasis!).

They didn’t say anything else the rest of the time I was behind them.

      I was cleaning my room the other day and I opened a drawer that was full of pants of various varieties. Thing is, I have no recollection of putting these pants in this drawer or even of acquiring some of these pairs of pants. I’d imagine they’ve been there for awhile, as I haven’t opened that drawer in ages. So yes, I am newly pants-rich. Pants. Pants!

     You may or may not be interested in playing some Kempa.com football pick ‘em. Here’s how it works: a bunch of kids who know practically nothing about football start up a free fantasy football legue and play against each other. It’s super easy, all you do is pick the teams with the meanest sounding names each week and hope for the best. Usually one or two people who actually know about sports end up ruining it for everyone (Example: Rob, the drummer for The Recital, who once wanted to cancel a show because it fell on ‘Draft Day’ for his REAL fantasy football league) but we forgive them.

     You don’t need to watch the games or read the sports section or anything. All you do is guess who will win every week. I’m not going to bore everyone with the directions on how to join, but if you do want to join, email me. The first week’s picks have to be in by 10:00 AM Sunday.

     A few quick things I want to mention:

  • I was having server problems earlier in the week, so you may or may not have seen the last update. Check it.
  • The Recital web site has moved. It is now at http://therecital.com. Thanks, Joe.
  • The Suburban Sprawl Music site has been updated with news, the ability to accept credit card orders, and new items for sale from nymb, Red Shirt Brigade, Document, and the Recital. Have at it.
  • This is your new favorite band (Courtesy of trevor, who opines that the guy on the far left is reminiscent of a “Robotic raccoon.”