I’ve been spending a lot of time working on putting out a cd for the noise making unit of which I am a member. In case you’ve never done this: It is a lot of work!

     Why is Greg Proops not insanely famous? Every time I see him on something, I laugh hysterically at his comic timing and quick wit. A few days back he was on Rock N’ Roll Jeopardy, and he handily defeated all foes. I even used to watch that Comedy Central show “Vs.” to see him make fun of the contestants. There is no justice. Check out the Official Greg Proops website, or alternately: The Unofficial Greg Proops website.

     Bonus trivia: Apparently, Greg Proops did all sorts of voices in Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and a few in Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

     Now: this is the part where I sort through month-old e-mail and find sites people suggested to me.

     The March issue of Ventilator has some good stuff. Especially the Patti Smith piece. Also, there’s some fun Beulah pictures from the noisepop thingy.

     If you, like me, are somewhat intrigued by this whole Minus 5 / Young Fresh Fellows double album thing, then check out this interview with Mr. Mccaughey, courtesy of Swizzle-stick.com.

     I guess this one has been making the morning radio show rounds, and rightfully so. This guy broke up with his girlfriend. She proceeded to leave him 53 insane voicemails. He proceeded to put them up on the internet! Har! Destiny’s Child would not approve. This one came from Livonia’s own Rich Greene.

     Are you a dork? Are you bored? Great! Then you have time to read and enjoy this Star Wars prequel theory courtesy of Mount Pleasant’s own Chris Hatfield.

     So I was talking to someone on AIM last night, and we had the exchange reprinted below. At the time I thought: “Oh, that’s kind of funny. I should save it and reprint it on my extraordinarily dorky website.” I just read over it again, and probably it doesn’t even warrant reprinting here, but I refuse to let my 3ish-A.M.-last-night-self down. So here it is.

Them: he made fun of Moby right before he played Jo Jo’s jacket

Them: Malkmus I mean

Me: ha.

Them: he said that Moby looked like a “spaz” on his album cover, just in case you were wondering

Me: that’s awesome

Me: ANd true!

Me: “It’s funny and true!” – stupid simpsons quote that I cannot stop using.

Them: I use that all the time.

Me: I’m pretty good about restraining myself from others.

Me: That one just will not be stifled.

Them: The worst is when someone says something remotely funny, I ask them “where they got that from” as in like what movie or tv show…

Me: exactly.

Me: we are a generation of quoters.

Them: i swear, half my conversation involves quoting some sort of media


Me: And shamefully, I think I got that from something.

Me: ha.

Them: hahahha

Me: I just can’t remember what.