Oh man, a snowstorm closed work today, so I got to lay in bed and watch cartoons (The Venture Brothers and Tom Goes to the Mayor Xmas specials) until I was sufficiently awake. I found one more MP3 to post for christmas, so here it is:

North Coast Noel – ‘Enter Snowman’
From: North Coast Noel (2001)

[audio:Enter Snowman.mp3]

     It’s a fusion of Metallica’s biggest hit and Frosty the Snowman. The rigorous recreation of the intro is a bit tedious, but if you skip ahead to 1:12 where the vocals kick in, it’s pretty good. It took my roommates and I awhile to figure out what was being said in the chorus – it’s “Thumpity thump thump.” The Hetfieldian exclamations during the “truck hitting the bed” part are pretty good, too.